You no longer need to call all known,

to find your children ...

7. 6. 2013 - ONE WEEK FOR FREE !!

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CHILDSECURE application primarily serves to locate the current position of a child in real time. For localization the application uses GPS signal, Wi-Fi network and BTS signal, i.e. mobile operator signal. Internet access on both sides(mobile data, Wi-fi, ...) and a switched on child´s smart phone are the only conditions to run the application and locate the position.

The aim of the application is not "to spy" our children but to be sure that they are where they should be and that they arrived at their destination well without the necessity of calling them, writing SMS or otherwise interfering with their time, whether at school or elsewhere. Therefore, the application works in the way that when you press the "Find" button, information about who and when the child´s position requested will be displayed on the child´s smart mobile phone.

Here are some examples:
The child goes to school in the morning. I want to be sure that the child arrived well, or in time. I just simply run the application, select the child, tap "Find" and in a moment I can see a map with location of my child´s smart mobile device. In case the child is not in range of a Wi-Fi network and is in an area without GPS signal, which is primarily taken by the application, the location will be made automatically by BTS signal.

The child go outside for entertainment or for sport. I do not want to call him as the child´s mobile phone sound is off but I want to know where it is located. Again I just press the button in the CHILDSECURE application and I know in a moment where the child is. The ChildSecure application usage is not only for children locating but it can be also used for adults or seniors.

Philosophy of the CHILDSECURE application

The goal of our application is not continuous monitoring of the child, or his smart phone, but to allow parents or their representatives to find out where the child is. And also to let the child know that someone located the mobile phone, who was it, at what time, etc.

Our goal is not to "spy", but to help!

We believe that if our application saved the health of even one child, without constant monitoring which, among others, significantly discharges the battery of a mobile phone and takes the child some freedom, it makes sense!

If our application reduced stress of only one parent without the necessity of "spying" the child, it makes sense!

ChildSecure application is not an absolute guardian of our children in any case but is a friendly tool for our peace of mind and can give us an indication that the child is not where it should be. We can then decide whether we call the child, a friend, a teacher or, in extreme situations, even the police.

Advantages of the application

  • no need to call the child or to send SMS messages
  • the other side is immediately informed about who and when asked for its position
  • it works by using GPS signal, BTS signal and WiFi
  • application is able to locate the position of device by using nearby Wi-Fi networks without a neccessity of being connected on them(Android requires activated Wi-fi)
  • no permanent discharging of mobile phones batteries, as the application requires the position only in case of the query

Actual version

Version 1.0


The application can be downloaded here:

  • Application for parent
  • Application for child